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CanSinoBIO Signs Deal for Aerosol Delivery of COVID-19 Vaccine

publication date: Dec 9, 2021
author/source: Richard Daverman, PhD

Tianjin CanSinoBIO (SHA: 688185, HK: 06185) partnered with Ireland's Aerogen to supply inhalers for its coronavirus therapy. CanSino will use Aerogen’s proprietary vibrating mesh aerosol drug delivery device for Convidecia™, a  novel recombinant coronavirus vaccine developed by CanSino. In interim Phase III results, the inhaled vaccine showed 95.5% efficacy at preventing severe disease 14 days after a single-dose vaccination. The device is based on Aerogen’s proprietary vibrating mesh aerosol technology.

The aerosolized vaccine is inhaled directly via a cup dispenser into the patient’s airway, a route that is similar to the natural infection pathway of the COVID-19 virus. The companies believe it may have an advantage over other vaccines by generating mucosal immunity.

In addition, the inhaled drug requires a much smaller volume of vaccine than other delivery routes, allowing more patients to access the CanSinoBIO vaccine.

John Power, Aerogen CEO & Founder said “The world has an urgent need for an effective, low cost, globally scalable and globally accessible solution to mass vaccination. The pioneering development undertaken by Aerogen and CanSino has resulted in a system that meets all these requirements and with a capacity to vaccinate in the billions.”

Dr. Xuefeng YU, Chairman and CEO of CanSinoBIO said: “Our partnership with Aerogen started in 2013 and for almost a decade, we’ve been advancing the possibility of aerosol drug delivery. It is demonstrated that the aerosolized vaccine can stimulate mucosal immunity and significantly reduce the risk of transmission, which could be a solution to rapidly build mass immune protection and accelerate the end of the pandemic.”

CanSinoBio is preparing its filing for commercial authorization in China. Additional clinical trials are in the process of being prepared for other countries. In February of this year, CanSino filed for China approval of the inoculated version of its COVID vaccine.

Founded in 2009, CanSinoBIO is dedicated to developing innovative vaccines for China and global markets. It has five integrated platform technologies: adenovirus-based vectors, conjugation, protein design and recombination, formulation, and mRNA. It currently has a pipeline of 17 vaccines addressing 12 diseases, including the Recombinant Novel Coronavirus Vaccine (Adenovirus Type 5 Vector) conditionally approved in 2021 and the Group A and Group C Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine approved in the same year.

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Disclosure: ChinaBio has a relationship with CanSino.



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