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ChinaBio® Group is a consulting and advisory firm helping life science companies and investors achieve success in China. ChinaBio works with U.S., European and APAC companies and investors seeking partnerships, acquisitions, novel technologies and funding in China.  

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ChinaBio? Partnering Forum Acquired by EBD Group/Informa

publication date: Feb 15, 2022

Press Release -- Carlsbad, CA and Shanghai, China – February 15, 2022 – Informa Connect and ChinaBio® Group announced today that EBD Group, a division of Informa Connect, is acquiring the rights to the ChinaBio Partnering Forum event from ChinaBio.  ChinaBio® Partnering Forum is the premier cross-border partnering and investment conference focused on the China life science industry that has been co-produced by the two organizations annually since 2009. The 2022 CBPF will be held May 10-13, 2022 in Beijing and virtually (see website).

EBD Group, which created the concept of interactive partnering events, will assume full responsibility for producing, promoting and organizing the ChinaBio® Partnering Forum.  EBD’s partneringONE® system, which has evolved into a robust hybrid event platform that enables attendees to meet one-to-one physically or virtually, will continue to be a key feature of the ChinaBio Partnering Forum, as will its expert panels, company presentations and sponsor exhibitions.

“We’re very excited to add ChinaBio Partnering Forum to our family of international partnering events, joining BIO-Europe®, BIO-Europe Spring®, BioPharm America™ and Biotech Showcase™,” said Anna Chrisman, Managing Director, Life Sciences and Pharma at Informa Connect. “Having developed the event together with the ChinaBio Group for over 13 years, the Partnering Forum has grown to be the largest and most productive event of its type in China, attracting as many as 1500 attendees from Asia, Europe and the US,” she continued.  “We look forward to returning to Beijing for the 2022 edition on May 10-14, and continuing to build the event for many years to come.”

EBD Group is also assuming responsibility for ChinaBio® Today, a well-respected newsletter covering the life science industry in China since 2007.  ChinaBio’s event and media teams, previously based in Shanghai, Singapore and San Diego, will be joining EBD and will continue to provide support for the event.

“We have had a long, collaborative relationship with EBD Group, and have enjoyed our role in helping build the ChinaBio Partnering Forum to be the top cross-border partnering and investment conference in China,” Greg Scott, founder and CEO of ChinaBio Group said.  “We’re happy to now have the world’s leading global partnering company take the event to the next level, while we focus on our core consulting and financial advisory services business, helping major pharma and medtech companies as well as small to mid-size biotechs achieve success in China,” he added.

About EBD Group

EBD Group’s overriding mission is to help collaborations get started across the life sciences value chain. Our range of partnering conferences has grown to become the largest and most productive conference platform in the industry. Each one of our landmark events held in key life sciences markets around the world is powered by our state-of-the-art partnering software, partneringONE®, that enables delegates to efficiently identify and engage with new opportunities via one-to-one meetings.

Today our events (BIO-Europe®, BIO-Europe Spring®, BioPharm America™, Biotech Showcase™, China Showcase, Digital Medicine & Medtech Showcase, ChinaBio® Partnering Forum, Rare Disease Innovation and Partnering Summit, and BioEquity Europe) annually attract more than 15,000 senior life sciences executives who engage in over 50,000 one-to-one partnering meetings. These vital one-to-one engagements are the wellspring of deals that drive innovation in our industry.

About ChinaBio® Group

Founded January 2007, ChinaBio® Group has successfully helped over 100 US, European and Asia-Pacific life science companies achieve success in China. Leveraging our consulting and advisory teams’ significant experience in China's life science industry, and our extensive proprietary databases, we have helped our clients identify over 1,400 in-/out-licensing and M&A opportunities and raise over $1B in funding in China. Our clients have included many global pharma and life science companies as well as early stage and mid-size companies. ChinaBio Group is headquartered in Shanghai, China with offices in San Diego, Silicon Valley, Basel, Switzerland and Singapore.




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