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Recbio and Rhegen Form JV to Develop mRNA Vaccines including COVID

publication date: Sep 30, 2021
author/source: Richard Daverman, PhD

Jiangsu Recbio Technology and Shenzhen Rhegen Biotech established a joint JV to pool their knowledge of mRNA vaccine technology. Recbio has built a portfolio of 11 vaccine candidates, while Rhegen believes it has the world's leading mRNA technology. Rhegen  has developed three technology platforms for mRNA vaccines. The JV plans to apply the latest mRNA knowledge and novel adjuvant technology to develop a next-gen COVID-19 vaccine along with vaccines for other major infectious diseases and therapeutic cancer vaccines.

Recbio's 11 vaccine candidates target a broad spectrum of diseases, including cervical cancer, COVID-19, adult tuberculosis, shingles, hand-foot-and-mouth-disease and influenza. One year ago, Recbio raised $227 million to develop its portfolio of candidates.

Recbio has established three technology platforms including a novel adjuvants platform, a protein engineering platform and an immunological evaluation platform. Since the company's start, the development of novel adjuvants has become an essential development strategy. It is one of the few companies globally to develop novel human adjuvants to benchmark all of the FDA-approved adjuvants (AS01, AS03, AS04, CpG, and MF59).

Rhegen Bio is committed to the development of nucleic acid biomedical products and treatment methods such as mRNA. It has four novel platform technologies: target protein structure design, mRNA modification, mRNA synthesis and next-gen delivery. Rhegen believes it can design and develop highly accessible mRNA vaccines and therapeutic biological drugs from beginning to approval stage.

Dr. Liu Yong, Chairman and General Manager of Recbio, said: "The cooperation between Recbio and Rhegen Bio is "Immunology embracing central dogma," in molecular biology. It is a major strategic choice made by the company after careful and diligent analysis of the latest technology development trends in vaccinology. In the future,"

Dr. Hu Yong, Chairman and General Manager of Rhegen Bio, said: "The cooperation between two parties is a classic model of a strong alliance and complementary advantages. By virtue of Rhegen Bio's competitiveness in mRNA technology and Recbio's strength in the field of vaccine development, we believe that Rhecogen has the potential to become a significant player in the vaccine sector in the future."

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